Slick USB 2 Serial Library Now Supports FTDI Cables

The latest update to the Slick USB 2 Serial Library now supports both Prolific and FTDI USB to serial adapter cables. This library enables your Android tablet to connect with any serial devices.

Slick USB 2 Serial Library is a 3rd party software package for Android developers that enables the use of common USB to serial (RS232) adapters with devices running Android 3.1 and above that support USB host mode.

This is a demo app in the Android app market with the library fully integrated. You can use this app to connect with any Prolific or FTDI based USB to serial cable and test sending and receiving data.

You can easily test this app by hooking up the necessary cables from your USB to serial adapter over to a COM port on your desktop. Then use a hyperterminal, such as Tera Term, to communicate with your Android device.

Just plug in, connect, configure (baud, parity, etc.), and go!

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