Slots Social Casino App Let You Play In Real USA Casinos

Slots Social Casino App Let You Play In Real USA Casinos

Slots Social Casino App Let You Play In Real USA Casinos

Social Casino is a slot machine app for Android in which users can play each other for cash prizes in a virtual casino. The game comes with a collection of several slot machines from real casinos that can all be played for free by placing your bets on them.

There are slot machines such as Treasure Island, Stone Age, gangster’s poker, golden fruits, and shining stars. By default, the app only comes with the Treasure Island slot machine installed. In order to unlock other slot machines you have to download them to your device first, then install it manually.

Each slot machine has a specific minimum bet which tells you the minimum number of chips you have use up to for every spin. In the slot machine screen you can set the exact amount you want to bet on the slots or select the Max Bet option to use as many of your chips as possible every time you make a spin.

As you play, the progressive jackpot will keep on increasing. The jackpots are separated into grand jackpot – the largest one, the major jackpot, minor jackpot, and mini jackpot. To view the different combinations you have to make for each slot machine you simply have to tap on the Pay Table option and a list of 25 possible winning pattern combinations will show up.

If you can’t win anything during your turn, you can collect the bonuses which show up every four hours or buy chip packages from the built in store. You can also check your ranking according to your country, the world, and among followers and friends.

To follow other users you have to create your own profile which will also keep track of your total winning, biggest wins, jackpots, how many people you’re following and how many followers you have. You can also share your skill level with your friends on your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.

Aside from a few minor graphical glitches, this is a really fun to use slot machine app especially if your into casino games. The large collection of free slot machines and the bonuses provide a high replay value just as much as the social aspect does.  Social Casino is free to download from the Google Play store and is compatible with Android devices with OS 2.3.3 or above.

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