Smart WiFi Pro Android App Review

Smart WiFi Pro Android App Review

Smart WiFi Pro Android App Review

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How many times when clamoring for a WIFI connection, have you made your peace with the connectivity gods and were all set to jump on the unsecured “stalkerGuy22” network that populated your list, only to find out the Internet connection strength is nearly non-existent?

Well, creepy connection name aside, it’s probably happened far too often. Smart Wifi Pro builds upon their successful lite version of the same name with Smart Wifi Pro for Android devices.

The interface is simple and intuitive enough for first time smart phone users like your parents to navigate. This Android app from developer Appster Co. combines a fun interface with functionality and contains all of the necessary functions. You see, Smart WiFi Pro utilizes what they call “Smart Wifi” which allows users to check and connect to networks with one simple click.

The fun and vibrant interface will either get you connected quickly or politely tell you not to waste your time, there is no connection here! The app features some really neat and high tech functions, such as maintaining a connection even when you are running in power save with automatic switching to 3G where available!

Most users in need of such an application will find the app price of $2.50 acceptable, though a slight price drop below the two dollar market may increase downloads. In all, this is a solid and simple app that does its job well.

Not just Wifi, Smart WiFi for the Android platform is where it’s at! Smart WiFi Pro does a whole bunch of techy-geeky stuff in the background to assess the best possible connection – you just need to be able to tap the screen.

Android Description
Smart WiFi – just One-click

A Wi-Fi App that just makes life easier
- Fast, easy automatic connection with just one click
- Automatically checks if the internet can be used!
- Simple U/I allows you to view all information at once.
- Immediately offers practical functions including Maintain Connection + Automatic Change to 3G+ Automatic Shut Down.
- Even provides advanced functions including Static IP Settings for each AP and AP Filtering!

Unique Features
- Smart Connect
With just one click, you can make a Wi-Fi connection without thinking about which AP to connect.
You can use Wi-Fi easily with prioritized automatic connection that considers channel interference and signal intensity.

- Internet Confirmation
“Yes, it’s connected! But is it going to work?”– There’s no need to worry anymore.
After being connected to Wi-Fi, the app checks if the internet is functional. This helps you can avoid frustration while using Wi-Fi.

- Radar View defies stereotypical Wi-Fi Apps!
The simple UI above neat Radar View allows you to see everything you need, such as AP channels, connection sensitivity, security mode, and other details.

- Wi-Fi Donkey Service
It’s a Wi-Fi-sharing service that allows Smart Wi-Fi users to access secured AP.
If you share more than 1 secured AP, then other users can also access the AP.

- AP Filtering
APs that are inaccessible and get in your way will be excluded from the list.

- Automatic Change to 3G
When Internet access via Wi-Fi is impossible, the app will automatically switch to 3G and provide a smooth Wi-Fi experience.
(Internet may not be available, even if you’re connected to an AP with strong signals and vice versa. Smart Wi-Fi checks if the Internet actually works and decides whether it should switch to 3G.)

- Maintain Connection
Even when your phone is in power-saving mode, it will maintain the Wi-Fi connection to ensure that you can use services like Music Play without interruption.

- Automatic Shut Down
After the Wi-Fi connection isn’t used for a certain amount of time, Wi-Fi will be automatically powered off to conserve battery charge.

- Static IP Settings for Each AP
By setting up fixed IPs for each AP, you can connect to the AP very quickly, even when it is difficult to access.

- WEP Key Index
You can designate the Key Index for WEP Mode during connection to AP.

- If you purchase Smart Wi-Fi Pro, then you can get free updates, even if paid functions are added later on.
- Please try Smart Wi-Fi (Free Version) first and purchase it if you’re happy with it.

How to Use
- You can read detailed explanations for usage through “Run App→ Menu Button→ About→ YouTube Icon.”

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

Download This App
Developers Website

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