Snow Bros Android App Review

Snow Bros Android App Review

Snow Bros Android App Review

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I love looking back at the simple pleasures that classic board and video games brought me in my youth; there is certainly something to be said for nostalgia. Well, I guess it doesn’t particularly matter when you grew up, but the 80’s and 90’s in particular were a groundbreaking and innovative period for video games. Many times I have reminisced about classic arcade games and they are soon delivered on a mobile platform – sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Developer Isac Entertainment Corp. has released, or rebirthed, Snow Brothers, an arcade classic for Android devices. In case you are too young, or arcades were a bit too smoky for you back in the day, think of Snow Brothers as an arctic version of Mario Brothers.  A vertical platformer where traverse the landscape, blasting enemies with snowballs. As you defeat the monsters, the snow is sent down the game board wiping out all others in its path as a domino-effect ensues.

The controls consist of an on-screen directional pad, along with two action buttons, reminiscent of arcade boxes, or the old NES controllers. The controls can be unresponsive, so this is something we look forward to the developer correcting in future releases. The graphics and animation are nothing worth bragging about, but to me, this lends to the nostalgic feeling of this arcade classic.

There are several dozen levels to tackle, and I enjoy the ridiculous looking, stage clearing monsters which remind me of another childhood toy – My Pet Monster. Yes, this game is primitive by today’s standards,  but Snow Brothers offers a glimpse of the past on modern devices, and will certainly appeal to a fairly large demographic.

If you are looking for a cutting edge, HD, action/platformer, this game may not be for you, but the Snow Brothers redeaux is a simple pleasure that will conjure up memories of arcades and game playing pasts.

Android Description
Resurrection of arcade’s masterpiece game!! Snow Bros!!!

Resurrection of arcade’s masterpiece game!!

Snow Bros launched a week! (iTunes App Store)
Memorial surpassed 20,000 downloads! $ 4.99 >> $ 0.99! Discount event!

April 1-2 week (iTunes App Store Rankings)
Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile ranked # 1 action game!
South Korea ranked # 3 overall game!

- Note: The ability to jump below and find the treasure box features Snow Bros. 2 is a feature. Many thanks to the love and attention will try to create Snow Bros. 2.

Snow Bros, the game that was sensationally popular in the 90s is back.
With many loves from worldwide gamers, Snow Bros has become a remake and been launched.
Optimized into the Smartphone environment, anyone can easily enjoy and play.
You play out the game more than 50 stages by defeating about 20 kinds of monsters.
Also you can compete with other players in leaderboards and achievements through acquiring items, clearing stages, and raising the all-kill points.
Now! Let’s create the snowballs, defeat the monsters, and save the princess!
If you delay, the pumpkin ghost will appear and harass you. So be careful!

Game mode
-One Coin Mode: The mode that has to be cleared by only one coin. You can feel the nostalgic thrilling like in the arcade.

- Stage Mode: The mode, which fitted to Smartphone environment, you can enjoy by selecting the stages.

- Support Android above 2.1
- The data used on different platform (Normal cell phone, Omnia, Iphone) does not work with the game.
- If USIM/phone number/operator/person is changed, the game and data are impossible to activate.
- Error, bug related inquiries contact:
- Unsupported device: X10mini / HTC wildfire / MB501, etc.
- The equipment and the performance of similar devices, the game may not work smoothly.

Requires Android:
2.1 and up

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