Solve a puzzle bigger than your screen can even handle in the app Labyrinth

Solve a puzzle bigger than your screen can even handle in the app Labyrinth

Solve a puzzle bigger than your screen can even handle in the app Labyrinth

Puzzling apps in the app store have been a game genre sought by many developers but only innovated by few. The new app “Labyrinth” is a refreshing addition to the popular genre with fresh takes on somewhat familiar gameplay. Tilt your phone to help navigate a ball from one end of a maze to another but be alert to collect coins and magic to assist you along the way. Do you think you can find your way through every puzzle, there’s only one way to find out.

After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can access all features the app has to offer from one page. From here users can check out leaderboards, achievements, tips and even more about the app. When you’re ready to start playing all you have to do is tap the “play” button and the fun begins.

One of the best parts about puzzle games is that they introduce a challenge within every level and the app “Labyrinth” is no different. With up to 50 levels to choose from and conquer each turn is a different experience on the path to victory. After selecting the level you’d like to take on, players are then shown an open labyrinth or maze with the ball in a starting point and a checkered ending point on the other end. One unique thing about “Labyrinth” is that each puzzle is bigger than what can fit on the whole screen. As players move through the puzzle they’ll find new areas that they couldn’t see in other sections. For reference users can check out a mini-map of the whole are on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Time elapsed can be found on the bottom alongside a score and bonus time challenge.

Making “Labyrinth” better than similar puzzle apps in the app store is the fact that it uniquely features large maps and fresh gameplay thanks to the addition of magic. When tilting your device through each puzzle players may tap the magic wand in the upper left-hand corner and after doing so the ball may go through one wall as if it was never there for five seconds. Each puzzle is a different challenge. With coins to collect and a finish place to work your way to, it’s good fun that’s sure to keep you entertained for quite some time.

“Labyrinth” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 3.0 and up.


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