Speedx 3D – Android App Review

Speedx 3D - Android App Review

Speedx 3D - Android App Review

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Games with a simple concept are still usually some of the best; probably because when the first video games were born, of course they were primitive, yet they were such a novelty that the base concepts have lived on in games today.

SpeedX 3D takes a few steps up from the ‘avoid the objects’ theme, in that it is completely 3D and uses accelerometer controls. You zoom through a tunnel at high speed while tilting your device to steer away from colourful shapes. But instead of flying through the tunnel, you rather stick to the sides and move around the edges as you steer (you’ll have to excuse the bad explanation as it is very difficult to describe).

Scattered along the way are plates on the floor which, if crossed, allow you to smash through an obstacle – essentially acting as an extra life. Occasionally, the pipe opens out into a flat plane, and sometimes folds right back on itself meaning you are travelling on the outside of the pipe; adding extra challenge and variety to the game. There are also occasional blackouts which can be the killer of a good run.

As with all games in this style, you gain points based on how far you get without crashing. It is certainly worth paying for the ad-free version to support the developer!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Android App Description
Speedx – stunning accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer with amazing 3D graphics

“Challenging and addictive gameplay” –
“A slick, stylish and addictive Android exclusive” –
“Like many excellent games, Speedx 3D starts with a simple premise that quickly becomes addicting”. ***** review –

Speedx delivers a stunning accelerometer-controlled tunnel experience. Test your reflex in an ultimate speed challenge with smooth 3D graphic. Global leaderboard and achievements with OpenFeint. Integrated with Zeemote controllers. Please note this is a full, ad-free version of the game.


  • 3D glasses – Speedx is the only game on Market that supports 3D glasses (red-cyan and green-magenta)
  • Xoom (yay!) and Galaxy Tabs
  • Zeemote controller therefore Bluetooth permission is required

Please email us ( if you have any questions or issues, we will solve them together!

Speedx is developed by Bytestorm.

Requires Android:
1.5 and up
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