Splashy Fin the Clumsy Fish Android Game App

Splashy Fin the Clumsy Fish Android Game App

Splashy Fin the Clumsy Fish Android Game App

Sometimes the best games are the simplest. By simplicity, I don’t mean in terms of difficulty, but rather in design and concept. One good example of the effectiveness of simplicity in Android gaming is Splashy Fin the Clumsy Fish. This fun gaming app is a cross between Flappy Bird and classic arcade games of the 90s and is a fun way to pass the time whether you’re waiting on the bus or trying to occupy yourself when waiting in long lines.

The game has a rather straightforward objective that quickly escalates into full blown gaming addiction if you play it long enough. Your goal is to navigate the fish through the different pipes without touching the pipes. Sounds simple, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how challenging it is, especially if you’ve never played a game like this before.

Now if you happen to be lucky few who still have Flappy Bird installed on their device, then you know what I am talking about. But in case you don’t, Splashy Fin is a good introduction into this genre of simple arcade gaming. You can’t beat this game since all you’re doing is attempting to beat your high score, but this is what makes this game addictive.

The bright graphics and animated fish also add a sense of excitement to the gaming experience and make you feel like playing one more time, despite telling yourself that you were going to put your phone down and get something productive done. Nonetheless, this is a great game for any kind of android user or gamer.

Splashy Fin is free to download from the Google play store and requires devices with android 2.3 and up installed.

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