Splister: Voice Reminders, Lists and Notes

[MobilePRwire] – This is a brand new app called SPLISTER from One Six Development. Use voice recognition to create Lists, be reminded of important dates, & take notes without having to type anything!

You may have lists of groceries, chores, players on your team, recipes or tools to pick up at the hardware store. You also may need to be reminded about your pla dates, doctor’s appointments, important meetings at work or simply to pick up milk. SPLISTER is easy to use and has some other handy features as well such as: the ability to share your lists via email or bluetooth, fast in-place editing,drag and drop support & sorting of your list items, list grouping, a fast comprehensive search & a fully functional calendar with repeating reminders and snooze, and manual adding and editing of lists and reminders. You’ll never leave a list at home or forget an important date again!

OneSix Development

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