Spot Items, Earn Energy, and Save the World in the App EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest

Spot Items, Earn Energy, and Save the World in the App EyeSpy

Spot Items, Earn Energy, and Save the World in the App EyeSpy

Looking for a good game to sit back and enjoy? Look no further than the app EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest a fun concentration and memory game that users of all ages can play. Become a bunny hero and help save the day as you find items in every level.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. Featuring bright colors, well designed graphics and nice music this gives all users a great initial welcoming into the app. On the main menu there are two buttons for players to interact with, the play button and another for sharing the news about the game on Facebook. To get started all players need to do is hit the start button.

The bunnies are in need of your help. Become a legendary hero and help the world of EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest from evil demons. The only thing that you can do to help is find all of the genesis stones so they can have enough energy to breakdown the barriers of the world. Players have four different bunny avatars to pick from; Bobby, Albert, Woodley, and HePO. Each bunny features their own abilities some increasing special abilities and some decreasing. Tap your desired avatar and the yellow check mark to move on. EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is a level based game that thrives off of three star ratings. With over 50 levels for players to spy through this also gives players plenty of opportunities to improve their scores.Tap a level to get started. A countdown will begin and tell you the item you are looking for. Scrolling across the screen of disarrayed items and finding the item it asks of you will help you gain both time and coins. Tapping the wrong item will only make you lose time. Each level gives players 60 seconds to find as many items that they can. Do your best and find as many items as fast as you can. Can you earn all three stars.

While finding items is already a big enough challenge luckily there are power ups to help you as you progress through the game. The magnifier, clock, and broom in the bottom left corner can be tapped a number of four times each for help. The magnifier will help players quickly find tricky target items, the clock adds 30 seconds to your time, and lastly the broom clears the board of all negative effects. These items all come in handy and definitely help make the game more exciting overall.

Step up and accept the challenge. Can you find everything? EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is most definitely a puzzling game you’ll enjoy. Available for free in the Google Play Store, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is available for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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  • Himanshu patel


    Hidden Objects Quest game ‘s background is looking very nice ,it’s very fun concentration and memory game that users of all ages can play –