Stone Stacker for Android is a Real Stacking Challenge!

[MobilePRwire] – From renowned software developer and publisher UbiNuri Inc., a leading mobile gateway from and to Korea, comes a new, mobile stacking game that gives you what others do not: A real challenge! Stone Stacker for Android, available at the Android Market (Brain and Puzzle category) for $0.99, does not mess around when it comes to giving users a truly addictive and mesmerizing stacking, and balancing, challenge.

Featuring four episodes, for spring, summer, autumn and winter, and 60 levels of play, stacking gamers should be forewarned; Stone Stacker for Android is no joke. You’ve always wanted a real challenge, and now you have one. Stone Stacker is no push over, you’ll have to work to make your way through all of its levels. Appropriately, the app features a level-skip option for those users who want to see all the levels on Stone Stacker, without having to break too much of a sweat.

“This is a great stacking game, I think, because it’s not only really fun, it poses a real challenge to those who wish to go one level at a time and conquer it,” said Lena Kwon, product manager for UbiNuri. “Over and over, we get feedback from users who really want to be challenged more, and Stone Stacker delivers that. Of course, it is also a great game to play, casually, and users could get lost in Stone Stacker for hours…But, it kind of has the best of both worlds. Fun and addictive, and also highly-challenging for those who like to push their skills to the limit.”

Stone Stacker for Android – which not only challenges users with the stacking and balancing of an array of shapes, but features a crisp and engaging GUI – requires Android 1.6+ and is available now in the Brain and Puzzle section at the Android Market for $0.99.

Product features:
-Arcade-quality GUI!
-Four episodes/60 levels
-Assortment of shapes
-A true user challenge (good luck!)

Android 1.6 and up



UbiNuri Inc. is a renowned Korean mobile app distribution hub that has worked with hundreds of developers the world over. UbiNuri’s mobile ecosystem, in distributing important and useful apps such as Cairn Story, BuddyCon, IV Therapy Helper and RingSkin, has been critical in making mobile apps more readily available to the Korean and world markets.

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