Streamified is a Social Media Powerhouse

Streamified is a Social Media Powerhouse

Streamified is a Social Media Powerhouse

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Organizing all of our news sources and social networking streams can often be categorized as chaotic at best. Imagine a deck of playing cards, each containing one feed or source. Now throw that deck into the air and watch the cards scatter about the floor. The result many times, is what we deal with everyday, trying to gather sources on our Android supported devices.

Fortunately, developer Streamified, Inc has delivered an answer to our information clutter problems with the release of the Android app Streamified. With the just a tap and customization of a handful of settings, Streamified allows the user to easily update social network feeds, news sources and subscriptions into one simple, yet simply elegant timeline.


Streamified lists popular streams such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, News and other RSS feeds, but also allows you to add your own. What’s m ore, Streamified is evolved beyond just a nifty reading utility, as you can compose a post and update statuses, re-tweet or whatever your social networking heart desires, directly in the application. We observed some issues with posts loading slowly, but this is to be expected to certain degrees, but the slowdown was fairly negligible. You can toggle your setting to minimize or maximize data using and notification frequency.

Some additional features worth highlighting:

-        Ability to update status, bookmark and re-tweet items

-         Set the level of notifications/interaction with options ranging from 1 through 100 posts, received through push notifications

Layout & Design:

Streamified does well graphically to enhance readability of so much data by using pleasing earth tone colors in an simple interface. The application’s screen is framed top and bottom by intuitive task bars and menus, leaving the content to be read easily through the center of the interface. Stream length will vary depending on your settings and sheer amount of data sources.


Streamified requires Android platform of 2.1 and up and is free with upgraded premium versions available, however, those will set you back more than just a couple of bucks. For those obsessed with constant streams of news, status updates and simply organization, the free version of Streamified will suit you just fine.

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