Studio Bebop-Presents Good News for Manga Fans!

[MobilePRwire] – Manga has taken Japan by storm and the new and improved iManga app will have fans raving all around the world. This app has the unique ability to pull the anime information from many websites. This will increase the users’ pleasure as they can read a huge number of titles with this app. have a reading list that the app uses to update the reader’s own list on their ipad or iphone. For example when a user completes a chapter the reader’s list will be updated.

This app can be used for ipod touch phone and can also be downloaded for offline reading use. This download is 15 times faster than our competitors and enhances our users’ experience. There is also an alert built into the IManga app to let users know if there are any new chapters ready for download. This means that fans will never have to miss an important update from their favorite show.

Studio Bebop was founded in 2009. The owner has always had an interest in anime and manga, which encouraged him to make the ultimate app for this show. He personally uses the IManga application and has perfected it to be the best app of its kind.

The future plans for the company is to just keep on improving the app, as techno logy advances in the mobile development platform. The company loves to hear from their users and base their improvements on user feedback.

A company officer from Studio Bebop was heard to say “this is the best manga app ever and beats all the competition.” word in the office is “have you heard the latest manga news? If not just look it up on IManga” another employee was heard to say “IManga is awesome and it did not break the bank.” 

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