Style Your Own Widget for Quick Calls with the App Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite

Style Your Own Widget for Quick Calls with the App Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite

Style Your Own Widget for Quick Calls with the App Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite

Make calls faster to the people you talk to most thanks to stylish widgets with the app, Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite. No more having to deal with boring stock widgets, customize your own exactly how you’d like in seconds.

Widgets make using the interactions you use most on your device easier. With so many people that we talk to on a day to day basis scrolling through your contacts list can become annoying. After downloading this app calling those near to you can be done that much easier thanks to this apps great features.

To add a widget to one of your devices home screens there are two easy methods. The first method involves users accessing the main apps menu, and tapping the widgets tab. From the widgets tab users are then able to scroll through their list of installed widgets and find the one they’d like to add to the home screen. Using the second method users must hold their finger on one of their open home screens until the menu pops up. From the menu by tapping “widgets” users can then pick the desired widget and drag it onto the screen. While giving users the added ease of having a stylish widget on their screens getting it there remains easy as well.

The customization of the widgets using Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite is what separates it from other apps in the app store. From formatting and stylizing users are able to create the widget that they would like to have. Just pick the contacts you would like to add and there names then the creative process begins. The app offers the ability to have lots of different sizes including 1×1 for one contact, 2×2 with one large contact, 2×2 with four contacts and even more. This gives users the ability to add the people they talk to most right onto their home screen. After picking the sizes of their widgets users are able to do even more by picking the colors of the backgrounds, shapes of the widget, picture, actions, icons and more. Once you’ve selected all of the desired details just hit the “Create Widget” button and just like that you’re widget is there and ready to go.

Call the ones closest to you easily all while maintaining the style of your device. With so many options available and different possibilities to create, Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite can be a useful addition to your device. Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android phones running Android 2.2 and up. A $2.04 paid version is also available with more shapes, layouts, icons and more.


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