Swarmbit The Social Proximity Network Now Available for Android

[MobilePRwire] – Swarmbit is the new social proximity network in beta for iPhone and now for ANDROID too, downloadable for free. It is an application unique in its kind which is based on the sharing of location-aware, temporary files and folders. At IAB Mixx 2012, Swarmbit received a “Special Mention for Digital Business Innovation”.

The idea of Swarmbit comes from the concept of “swarming”, developed by the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, which can be summarized as follows: “swarms disperse and assemble and gather again from one occasion to another, guided by shifting relevancies, attracted by changing and moving targets.”

The function of Swarmbit is to connect people who may not know each other but who, by participating in an event, share the same interest at the same time, and who need to interact and share/distribute photos, videos, music, presentations, documents and other files quickly and easily and without limits!

Swarmbit is:

• Location-Based: files and folders shared through Swarmbit are visible only to members of the swarm, i.e. those who are physically located in the same place. It is also not necessary to be “friends” of other users in order to watch, comment, and download files in shared folders.

• Temporary: files and folders shared through Swarmbit are available for a limited period of time. It is for the users themselves to decide on the “expiration date”: when there is no person to upload/download files, the application deletes them from the list of available files.

• Cloud-based: the user can choose to download the files uploaded by other users so they are always available even after the “expiry date”. Through the MyFiles section of Swarmbit you can manage files and folders that are saved by exporting them through the greater CLOUD DropBox and SugarSync, so you always have them available on your smartphone as well as on your PC, laptop, tablet, etc.

• Flexible: You can also choose between the different ways of sharing most appropriate to the situation. With Swarmbit you can create, for example, password protected geo-located folders, ideal for distributing and sharing photos and video at private parties, birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc., or public folders to distribute and share content and communicate with anyone without filters who is in the same place, an ideal way of sharing in the case of professional events and sportive, musical or cultural events.

The free beta can currently be downloaded from the App Store and Android Market, with the aim of collecting feedback from users and of improving the app.

At IAB Mixx 2012, Swarmbit received a “Special Mention for Digital Business Innovation”.

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