Swipe Your Way Through Tons of Fun With Gem Swipe Android App

Swipe Your Way Through Tons of Fun With Gem Swipe Android App

Swipe Your Way Through Tons of Fun With Gem Swipe Android App

Gem Swipe is an addicting gem matching game for people of all ages to enjoy. From the same developers at MeYuMe who brought you the app “Gem Collapse” comes a fun game to add to your device.

After launch users are greeted by a main menu with smooth music. Buttons to play, options, credits, more games and remove ads meet all users. Users can also track their achievements and the leader boards with the buttons on the left. With four great modes to play through all users can find fun in each one.

From arcade, gem collector, score panic, and time attack, each mode contains its fun variances depicting itself from the other. The objective of the game overall is to swipe groups of gems containing 3 or more of the same color to remove them from the board. Each mode brings players new objectives to face that make the game more challenging and most importantly more fun.

In arcade mode players must rapidly swipe the gems off the board in hopes of removing all blue gems to move onto the next level. While in gem collector mode all players will find themselves racing against the clock to remove all of the required number of gems. Score Panic mode has players playing to reach target scores to move on to the next level, and lastly time attack has players trying to reach the target number of gems before time runs out.

With great challenges in every mode there’s fun for everyone, but sometimes it can get a little difficult. Luckily there are special gem pieces that can bust gems around them, freeze the clock to lend players some time and more.

The ability to check your scores on the leader boards for each mode, and achievements for the game make the game even more fun. For those looking for a great app to sit back and play Gem Swipe is for you. Available in the Google Play Store for free, Gem Swipe is available for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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