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    Launch your device into cool new homescreens and more in the app Buzz Launcher

    Buzz Launcher is a launcher application that allows users to have a brand new customizable experience when using their devices. Download, apply and personalize as you customize and create awesome homescreens. After initial launch users are greeted by a brief welcoming into the app. A few summary slides quickly show users a taste of what […]

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    Rip-Roaring ‘Road Runner’ Available Now for Android!

    ‘Road Runner’ is an action-packed single player title that aims to fuel-inject some adrenalin into the Android App Market by combining the popular infinite runner template with the speed and excitement of an arcade racer. In the year 2034 citizens no longer turn to the Police to track down criminals, instead they hire mercenaries to complete jobs for cold cash. The game has you taking the role of a hired Bounty Hunter tasked with making arrests and beating the clock.