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    Angry Poo Space Android Arcade Game App

    Conquer the Poo Flinging Adventure in Angry Poo Space Android App Angry Poo Space is an arcade game for Android and the sequel to the original “Angry Poo Game”. The game has been redesigned and taken to the outer space for yet another poo flinging adventure, this time on the planet of Poo-Topia. Using your […]

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    Crush the Castle – Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Reivew There are a lot of games out there these days which involve launching projectiles to destroy buildings; especially due to the ever-popular Angry Birds title. But let’s look back on one of the first castle destruction games, Crush the Castle. Starting it’s life as an online browser game, Crush the Castle […]

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    Angry Bird Android – App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review If you have only spent a few minutes on the Apps Store or the Market, I would be extremely surprised if you had not heard of Angry Birds – a hugely popular game in which you launch birds from a catapult to destroy different castles belonging to green pigs over tons […]