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    Alima’s Baby: Baby Virtual Pet

    Take care of your baby and the little one will grow strong and healthy, but beware if the baby cries or coughs it might be sick, and needing medicine. Make sure the baby takes a bottle of milk when it’s time, but be careful, your baby can get skinny or fat depending on how much you feed it. If you take care of your baby properly, you will be rewarded with golden stars, Save them and you can buy clothes, toys, food. Play with your baby and watch it grow.

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    Puzzles + Dora the Explorer = Stack N Puzzles Kid Puzzle Adventure

    77SPARX Studio announces today the availability of Stack N Puzzles – a new class of puzzle adventure game on iOS, Androd, and NOOK. Stack N Puzzles brings together the best of a new class of interactive puzzles with the story telling of classic children’s cartoons in the tradition of Dora the Explorer. It preserves the best of these puzzles – pattern matching, motor control, and logical thinking while incorporating animations, sound, and engaging interactivity.