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    Get the most out of your battery life with the app DU Battery Saver

    Our mobile devices are some of our most used items throughout the day. With so much to get done and so little time it can become nothing but a pain when your device dies unexpectedly. The application “DU Battery Saver” is an app that can help you improve your battery’s health, performance and so much […]

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    AutoLifeSaver a Battery Saving Android App

    Save the Battery on Your Android Device With AutoLifeSaver AutoLifeSaver is a battery saving Android app that automatically regulates your device’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings to save your battery life. Featuring an easy to use interface and an effective power management system designed to work on most Android devices, this app will increase your battery […]

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    GreenPower Battery Saver Brings Extra Hours to Your Battery Life

    Smartphones have become a daily necessity for many people. We rely on these devices to perform every day tasks such as word processing, browsing the Web and keeping us entertained. All of these activities have an effect on the battery life and can reduce the useful life span of your device over time. When it […]