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    he Family Tree of the Family Android App

    In store Google Play application appeared “The Family Tree of the Family” for Android-based devices, with which you can easily and quickly build genealogical family tree detailing the life of each family member, photos and video. Knowledge of their ancestry, their “roots” is very important for every family. Organize information about how the family name was formed, what its historical and cultural roots, as he was called the great-grandmother or great-grandfather help application.

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    KidsMeasure keeps track of child growth with the iPad camera

    KidsMeasure makes growing up a bonding experience for parents and children. The app rewards children for growing up with cute animal trophies when they reach certain development milestones. Parents can easily measure and track their child‘s growth over time and compare it to official charts of the World Health Organization. KidsMeasure contains reference charts on height and weight development as well as on the body mass index. With iCloud, measurements can be taken from one iPad to the next.

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    Entertain Your Kids Without Melting Their Brains With Shapes 3D

    Shapes 3D is an innovative matching game set in realistic 3D that keeps toddlers up through teenagers entertained while simultaneously stimulating their brains. Because all settings and messages are represented entirely without words, any player can understand immediately what is happening without needing to know how to read.