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    Jump Start Your Mobile Handset App with VoIP Engine/SIP SDK

    Jump Start your Mobile Handset Application, Harness the Power of VoIP Engine: Voice Engine/SIP Software Development Kits for VoIP Application ARM®, iOS, and Android™ Developers. Adaptive Digital’s VoIP Engine™/SIP Reference Kits, include both a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) engine SDK, and a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) SDK which can be used together to accelerate the development of cutting edge VoIP applications, while delivering the best user experience for mobile clients.

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    Automatic Update Deployment Service for non-Market Android Apps

    Imagine a large company with inventory tracking or data collection software, or a small company with a beta version of their new application. They all face the same problem: in-house applications require periodic updates, but cannot be distributed on Android Market. AutoUpdateAPK takes care of this problem. One small open source java class included into your project, and the application will automatically check if there’s a new version and ask the user to update.

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    Mobilewalla Analytics Launch for App Owners and Developers

    Mobilewalla, the app search, and discovery engine , launches the industry’s first deep analytics soution for app owners, developers and advertisers