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    Having a fish tank is a new fun experience in the app Fish Tank

    Getting a pet is always a fun experience but taking care of it is when the real responsibility comes into play. Whether you’re having to walk your dog, brush your cat or feed your fish it can be a big hassle and surely not much fun. The new app “Fish Tank” is a new and […]

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    Slash the fish to boost your score in the addicting app Fish Slash

    It’s always been told that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and the app “Fish Slash” makes that statement truer than ever. Dive into the ocean and take part in this addicting new arcade game that takes simple gameplay and turns it into an app you’ll play for hours. Chop fish up as they […]

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    Snappy Bird: The best clone available out there

    Digital Poke launches Snappy Bird which seems like the best available alternative out there. The app is available on Google Play with the Apple App Store version promised to debut soon. Snappy Bird is based on the in-famous gameplay of Flappy Bird and it seems that Digital Poke has nailed almost all of the aspects bang on. At the time of writing this Article, Snappy Bird was averaging 4.2 rating with 32 ratings on the Google Play Store.