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    Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with people around you. If something happens in any part of the world, you can guarantee that you’ll hear about it within a few hours or minutes, all thanks to the power of status updates and hashtags. The latest weapon in the ever-evolving social media […]

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    Save Money on Your Phone Bill with Yabb Text And Voice Messenger

    It’s awesome how convenient our cellphones are for us this time in day but not so much when you receive the monthly bill. With so many texts sent, voice calls and more that are important in your day to day life you shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to make them. […]

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    Turn your phone into the perfect business assistant with the intelligent app Mypa

    Work is serious business; it’s what makes you the money you need to live on. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to work on something and everything is disorganized making businesses hard to contact and ultimately making the task near impossible. The app “Mypa” is the perfect app for those looking to get work done […]

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    Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Remotes with the App Smart IR Remote

    Are you tired of looking all over your house for the remote for your TV, your cable box and so many others? Look no further than your phone thanks to the application “Smart IR Remote”. Smart IR Remote is an application that turns your phone into an infrared remote for all of your favorite devices. […]

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    Find Nearby Parking Spots with the Ease of the App Parqt

    Parqt is a mobile application that gives users the luxury of never having to search the streets for parking spots again. Find space availability in real time and even earn group rewards. It’s as easy as launching the application, finding a spot and parking. Don’t waste anymore time. After launch users are automatically able to […]

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    Meet Hang, Grumpy, Biggy and Sticky in Amazing Skill Game Hungry Monster Balls

    Meet Hang, Grumpy, Biggy and Sticky in this amazing skill game. To complete each of its twenty levels you will have to incline your phone to guide them to their food. Monster Balls are a furry adorable balls, but they are very hungry, and there is nothing they like more than eat garbage. In this […]

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    How Much Time Do You Spend on Your Smartphone?

    Have you ever stopped and thought about just how much you use your phone everyday? ScreenTimer is the only application of its kind that automatically tracks how much time you spend on your smartphone. From days to weeks, check out awesome charts, data and other awesome features in this app. After launch users are prompted […]

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    DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery Saving App for Android

    DU Battery Saver is a FREE battery saving app that makes your battery last longer! Get up to 50% more battery life for your Android tablets and phones with smart pre-set battery power management modes and easy one-touch controls that solve battery problems and extend battery life. It’s the simplest way to keep your phone […]

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    Take Control of your Device with Cool Movements, with the App Hovering Controls

    Are you getting tired of always having to swipe and tap when using your device? The application Hovering Controls can change that. Use air gestures and so much more as you interact with your device in a fun new way. After launch it’s very simple to get started with the app. Even the well designed […]

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    Android qPDF Notes,Viewer v3.1 new file browser,cloud,forms

    Qoppa Software, Atlanta-based producer of PDF solutions for end-users, developers and integrators on all platforms, is happy to announce release 3.1 of its Android PDF apps, qPDF Notes – Android PDF Reader Pro and qPDF Viewer – Android PDF Reader. This release includes a redesigned file browser tightly integrated with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive as well as an improved form filling mode.