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    Bodybuilders Do Not Use Conventional Alarm Clocks

    Bodybuilding: When designing a skeletal muscle gain program, most people don’t even consider stress management an important factor. The truth of the matter is that high levels of cortisol make building lean muscle tissue very difficult. To keep cortisol levels healthy and under control, an innovative sleep cycle alarm clock, “Stress Free Alarm Clock”, patent pending, for iOs and Android was developed by a neuroscientist. No sensors are needed and very easy to use.

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    New Stress Free Alarm Clock Improves Your Sleep Cycles

    No more sensors needed. Stress Free Alarm Clock is a new sleep-cycle alarm clock that will reliably and gently wake you during your light sleep phase. The patented method does not need any sensors and is very easy to use. A new study (National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark) shows that even the wake-up call of conventional alarm clocks puts your body under unhealthy stress. Now there’s an end to this! “Stress Free Alarm Clock” – App for Android and iOs.

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    Overweight? Do Not Use Conventional Alarm Clocks, It Increases Cortisol

    Stress, Cortisol-increase and overweight begins in the Morning. A new study (Copenhagen, Denmark) shows that even the wake-up call of a conventional alarm clock puts our body under unhealthy stress. The concentration of the stress hormone “Cortisol” is more than double compared to when you wake up by yourself. “Stress Free Alarm Clock” – App ( is a new patented scientific sleep cycle alarm clock that will gently reduce stress, cortisol and overweight.