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    2020 My Country Strategy Game App for Android

    Step into the future and rule your own country in the app 2020: My Country Take a step into the future and rule you own country in the app 2020: My Country, the addicting city building strategy game from the developers at Game Insight. Help build your country, earn money and protect it from crazy […]

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    Race With Your Dream Car! Ultimate Speed Racing Game R.P.M

    Start Your Engines in RPM:Racing Pro Manager Android App RPM Racing Pro Manager is a racing game for Android where players can build unique racing teams and race other players. With a game design similar to that of a strategy game, this unique app will put you in command of a fully customizable fleet of cars, […]

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    Party Light Android App Review

    Android AppDictions App Review Warning! If you have a history of epilepsy or any other type of light-induced seizures then try to avoid this app! OK, with that out of the way, this app is basically just a series of funky, colorful flashing light patterns for your Android device’s screen. There are lots to choose […]