Take Colonies to the Victory in Galaxy War – The New Colony

Take Colonies to the Victory in Galaxy War - The New Colony

Take Colonies to the Victory in Galaxy War – The New Colony

Galaxy War – The New Colony App is One of the Most Fully Featured Strategy Games for Android!

Galaxy Wars is a MMORPG for Android set in the year 2123 on a hostile galaxy known as Jeus inhabited by aliens, humans, and extraterrestrials. This game puts you in command of a vast fleet of troops, provides upgrade options for controlling every aspect of your gameplay, and is one of the most fully featured strategy games for Android.

Upon installing the app on your device you are given the choice of selecting the race you want to play as. The human race is touted as having a faster recovery, alien species faster health recovery, and extra-terrestrial faster stamina recovery. After selecting the side you want to play on you’re prompted to create a free account by providing a username for your campaign.

The game’s leveling system then presents you with a set of missions you have to complete depending on the level you’re on. Your first mission on level 1 is the “Hunting Zone” which awards you XP when you successfully complete the objectives. Once you level up you can use your skill points to use different base structures, troops, and unlock new missions.


Bases are composed of structures such as hospitals, mineral deposits, gas fields, barracks, and an alliance center where you can team up with other players to fight against opposing factions on the battle field. The majority of these structures are locked until you reach level 3 along with a “battle” feature that allows you to spar with other online players.

At the top of the screen you are shown you’re energy, health, stamina, and current level which also includes information about how far away you are from reaching the next level. The game’s 3D graphics, which is very similar to the traditional strategy game design on PCs, is also very responsive and adds a degree of immersion when battling other players online.

Whether you’re a fan of strategy games or never played one before, Galaxy Wars is a great addition to your collection of apps. The game is packed with a ton of customizable options for all types of players and has a high replay value. You can download this app for free from the Google play store and use it on any device running Android OS 2.2 and above.


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