Tap and score your way to the top in the spooky new game Halloween Collapse


From the developers who brought you the popular game Gem Collapse is the new halloween themed “Halloween Collapse”. Enjoy all of the frightening sights and sounds of Halloween with what you know and love about Gem Collapse. With three great modes to play with, awesome powerups and so much more there’s tons to love about this game.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. All entering in the app can quickly catch the Halloween vibe thanks to the music and graphics. On the top left and right sides of the screen are trackers for players to keep an eye on their lives, eyeballs and lightning bolts. Buttons on the bottom of the screen allow users to shop, check out settings, remove ads, see achievements and leader-boards and of course play the game.

Halloween Collapse not only immerses you into a world of haunting levels and gameplay but also into hours of fun as well. Players are given three fun modes to play and enjoy; frenzy, collapse and panic. Each mode has its differences from the other and each mode is lots of fun. In frenzy mode players are challenged to see how high they can score within 60 seconds. Collapse mode has players playing from level to level at a more relaxed pace while panic mode brings new demons and other challenges to try and halt players from obtaining their high scores. A question mark beside each mode gives players a description of what its like before beginning.

The objective of the game in each mode is to clear the board of colored ghosts and other symbols. By selecting a series of three or more ghosts that are the same color they are removed from the board. A new row of ghosts arrive with time so players must think fast. On the top left of the screen players can track their score, lives, and lightning bolts. Power-ups and items can be found on the bottom of the screen, while a timer and score multiplier lies on the right. Whatever players choose to do they’re bound to be in for both a scare and a fun time.

For players looking to have even more fun thanks to an occasional spin wheel this is possible. Earn cool items like more eyeballs and lives to use in the game. And in the shop option players can also stock up on more items and power-ups using the eyeballs earned in the game or simply as in-app purchases. Use these power-ups to slow down the game, take out bars of color and even more cool stuff.

Get in the Halloween spirit and play a fun game while at it. With addicting gameplay, great design and controls, this is an app you’ll definitely want to check out. Halloween Collapse is available for free in the Google Play Store for various Android devices.

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