Taste Filter is a Music Discovery App for Android

Taste Filter is a Music Discovery App for Android

Taste Filter is a Music Discovery App for Android

Taste Filter is a music discovery app for Android that gives you access to hundreds of songs from your favorite artists. The app features an intuitive graphical interface with relevant information about today’s chart topping artists so you can easily discover music on your tablet device anywhere you are.

To get started simply open the app from your tablet’s home screen. You’ll then be greeted with an opening page showing some of the most popular artists right now. You can tap on each of the artist’s pictures to open up their profile page and read their biography, browse top albums, and listen to their top songs.

You can also like or dislike a song by swiping left or right on the song selection and add artists to your list of favorites. Perhaps the most recognizable feature is the spider web-like user interface that allows you to find similar albums by categorizing different releases according to music style — the more you use the app the better the recommendations get.

In addition to using the song recommendations for finding new music, you can also search for songs, albums, or use the search tool to search for artists and save them to your user profile. This makes for a very intuitive user experience that will make any music lover feel at home when looking for new music to add to their collection.

Taste Filter is still in its beta testing phase so you’ll only be able to use it if you’re among the first 500 users to download it. You can get the app today by visiting the Google Play store and install it on a tablet device with Android OS 2.2 or above.


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