Test Your Knowledge About World Currency with the App The Currency Quiz

Test Your Knowledge About World Currency with the App The Currency Quiz

Test Your Knowledge About World Currency with the App The Currency Quiz

See how much you know about different currency types in the world with the app, The Currency Quiz. Challenge yourself and see how far you can get without any help.

After launch users are greeted by a clean simplistic design at the main menu. With the app’s logo and three buttons it’s easy for users to easily select what they would like. There are buttons to play, see statistics and exit the application. A clean design, and easy controls make this game great for all ages to sit back and enjoy.

To begin users must hit the play button. There is a total of over 200 different countries to go through. The countries are split into a total of five different levels. Within each level there is a different amount of countries and as you progress through the levels there are countries that get harder and harder to guess. This gives players tons of challenges to play through and enjoy.

By tapping a level users are shown a list of all of the countries that they must answer.
Simply tap a country to begin. The flag of the country you select is then shown with an answer box, “try it” button for submission and a skip button below it. The objective of the game is simple. Users must tap the entry box to type in the currency type of the corresponding country. When you think you’ve gotten the right answer tap the “try it” button to submit it and see if you’re right. If incorrect users are told to try again, but if the answer is correct a green check mark is shown. Players can hit the skip button if a country gets to hard for them to answer at any time. After successfully answering a country correctly players are able to hit the next button to move on and continue the fun.

This application is great for testing what you know and helping you learn what you don’t; but try not to use Google to cheat! Check your progress with the “statistics” button and see just how many countries you’ve answered correctly out of all 237. With the possibility of coins, and more added features coming to the app in the future, The Currency Quiz is a great app to check out. Available for free in the Google Play Store, The Currency Quiz is compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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