Text all your friends this Christmas and New Year with Keyapt SMS

[MobilePRwire] – Are you frustrated by the small keyboard on your Android phone? Trying to hit those fiddly keys drove us mad, so we created Keyapt SMS which lets us use our PC to type text messages. Keyapt SMS is free from the Android Market.

Christmas and New Year is a peak time for SMS messaging. We all want to text our friends and relations with good tidings. This year for the first time Android phone users can send texts from the comfort of their PC using Keyapt SMS.

Keyapt SMS is the first app in the Keyapt range. Keyapt applications enable you to use the features of your phone from your PC. You benefit from the larger screen and keyboard of the PC and the ability to copy and paste content from other applications.

Key features and benefits:

* Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome
* It’s free (for now) and no registration is required
* Use a big keyboard for faster and more accurate typing
* Use a web browser for larger fonts and better accessibility
* The SMS messages are really sent from your phone, there is no additional charge
* “Quick Send” messages go instantly and are not logged on your phone (great for private messages)
* “Normal Send” messages appear in your phone’s conversation logs
* All communications are encrypted
* We never store your phone number, messages or contacts

Who should use Keyapt SMS?

* Anyone who is at their PC and wants to send an SMS. Why use a small keyboard when you can use a big one? Users who need to send several SMS messages. A task that used to take a few minutes can now be done in a few seconds

* People who benefit from the accessibility features of a PC and web browser. For example, the standard “CNTR” + “+” key combination (on a PC) will zoom the screen.

* Keyapt is the easiest to use desktop SMS product and the Keyapt team is dedicated to making it better.

Download Keyapt SMS free from the Android Market (

Keyapt publishes applications developed by Dr James Bayley and Dr Chris Saltmarsh. Between us we have over 50 years developing and deploying messaging applications.

Our first app is Keyapt SMS which is available free on the Android Market.

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