The bar for arcade action just went up on Google Play with Lightopus

[MobilePRwire] – Malaysian based Appxplore today announces the recent launch of Lightopus for Android. A vibrantly colorful & utterly unique arcade action experience, Lightopus charges players with diving into the abyss to rescue baby lightopuses, dodging or destroying monsters, & making their escape to safety. With interactive online leaderboards, industry leading graphics, & white knuckle gameplay, Lightopus has already spawned a strong following on iOS & the fun officially lands on Google Play today as well!

Appxplore, an emerging mobile game development studio, is excited today to announce the recent launch of Lightopus onto Google Play. Already a certified hit on the App Store, this neon swathed arcade extravaganza challenges players to dive into the abyss and rescue as many bulbies – baby lightopuses – from the depths while dodging or destroying monsters in a bid to rack up the highest scores they can! This critically acclaimed adventure has already drawn thousands of loyal fans on iOS due to its smooth-as-butter controls and animations, wildly imaginative graphics, and uniquely addicting gameplay. Now that same fun has come to Android! Lightopus is currently available for download on Google Play for free in the Arcade & Action Games category.

Released into the iTunes store in March 2012, Lightopus has been successful gaining numerous positive reviews from its users and of competent critics from sites like Pocket Gamer, Toucharcade, and AppSpy. Due to the unique gameplay the app was featured by Apple on New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot and Staff Favourites Games feature categories in many countries.

Lightopus is as vividly entertaining as it is well rounded. Complete with both “Casual” and “Advanced modes this wild arcade romp has just as much to offer the casual mobile gamer as it does the hard core mobile arcade enthusiast. The game itself is eloquently simple to learn yet features gameplay that’s diverse and fast paced enough to keep anyone motivated to play for hours on end. Controlling their neon glowing lightopus via gesture or virtual joystick controls players must navigate an alien looking underwater abyss in a bid to break shells containing kidnapped lightopus youngsters and ultimately guide them back to safety! Things aren’t that simple though, as the game’s levels become increasingly more populated with stationary as well as roving deep sea monsters. Some you’ll have to dodge around but others – either with the help of the bulbies trailing behind you or after picking up an electrifying power-up – you can simply decimate!

Though Lightopus has a narrative to drive its action, it is far from a watered down arcade experience. The game rewards players for every bulbie shell they break open, every monster they kill, and how accurately they finish every level! Unlike its App Store counterpart, Lightopus for Android is a free game. That said, to unleash the full potential of this eye popping mobile bonanza players can unlock various Premium features via small in-app purchases offered through Tapjoy’s built-in “offer wall”. These premium perks include access to Lightopus’ Interactive OpenFeint leaderboards, the ability to collect all of the game’s forty two unique achievements, and more! You’ve wasted enough time playing “meh” arcade distractions on your Android smartphone or tablet. Raise your mobile gaming bar and experience the visual feast that’s Lightopus, it may just become your next arcade addiction.

Appxplore was incorporated on February 2011 and has been established to assist animation / film producers to extend their revenue streams, as an extension to their production of traditional TV series and movies. Appxplore is a newly formed games development studio, specializing on developing casual 2D/3D games for today’s leading-edge social and casual media platforms, such as iOS, Android and other online media. © Appxplore Sdn Bhd 2012. All Rights Reserved. Google, Google Play, and Android are registered trademarks of Google Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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