The Visible City Android App Demo

The Visible City Android App Demo

The Visible City Android App Demo

Visible City is an Android travel app for tourists or locals living in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Whether you want to find out about the history behind the neon lit streets or use augmented reality to discover the details of your location, Visible City is an elegant travel companion to have during your trip.

You can take a guided journey through historic neighborhoods and learn about neon signs of the past and present. Tours come with complete with check-in information, video clips, and augmented reality at a street level. You can also select locations based on neighborhood name or according to most popular as ranked by other travelers in the area.


Before starting a walking tour you’ll be given a rundown of the locations information including distance, length, number of signs, a general description of the location and address. After starting your tour you’ll be given directions to star and a map view of the tour’s path. A narration is provided throughout the tour with facts about history, notable people, and other information mentioned as you walk.

The augmented reality feature allows for a more immersive tour guide experience by using your camera to pinpoint particular locations on the map. When this feature is enabled you’ll be able to use actual landmarks in front of you as checkpoints in your tour for a more realistic view of the locations around you.

Visible City is free to download from the Google Play store and requires Android OS 2.2 or above.


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