The wild west meets fruit slinging goodness in the new app Fruit Slinger

The wild west meets fruit slinging goodness in the new app Fruit Slinger

The wild west meets fruit slinging goodness in the new app Fruit Slinger

Boots, spurs and horses have always seemed to be indicative things of the west, but never has fruit been on that list, until now. The new app “Fruit Slinger” combines the thrill of throwing fruit with the joys of doing it all in a western theme. Join in on an epic game of target practice as you shoot out your opponents with mastery fruit slinging skills in this new addicting arcade game.

After launch all users are brought to the main menu of the app. The menu features a well designed graphic quickly welcoming players into the western theme of the app. After tapping players will find that it’s here where they can check out the app on social networks, or begin jumping into the games many tutorials and missions. When ready just select the desired level you’d like to play.

The West needs your help and so it’s your turn to help Sheriff Larry the Lemur do what needs to be done. You better have your slinging skills ready to go as they’re sure to be put to the test in over 4 different playable modes. The objective of the game remotely stays true to its core which is to take out the onscreen targets. Depending on which mode you’re in now you may have to do that with a certain type of fruit, at a moving target, or even with multiple targets at the same time; every mission is a challenge. Players can sling their fruit easily by powering up their shots by either tapping the screen or even swinging their devices. But when ready to let it rip simply aim and swipe the screen where you’d like it to go.

There’s mangoes, apples, watermelons and more in this wild fruit throwing game. But it’s clearly more than just a game for slinging fruit, players can even earn badges the more they play, unlock challenges, new levels and even more. Shoot your fruit with a little extra oomph thanks to TNT power ups and other powerful boosts. With over 70 different challenges to unlock once the fun gets started it doesn’t have to stop anytime soon.

Come on down to the wild west and make sure you have some fruit too! “Fruit Slinger” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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