Think Fast and Move Pipes in the Addicting Puzzler App Plug The Wire

Think Fast and Move Pipes in the Addicting Puzzler App Plug The Wire

Think Fast and Move Pipes in the Addicting Puzzler App Plug The Wire

Do you think you have what it takes to turn pipe after pipe to create the perfect amount of energy? Can you do it all fast? In the app Plug The Wire you can put those skills and more to the test as you tap and rotate your way to the next level.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. Featuring a button to play, options, more games and more, users can both quickly and easily get started. In the lower right hand corner of the screen players will find a tracker of their high scores, a button to learn how to play and lastly a button for OpenFeint gamer support. More levels and skins can also be obtained by the button in the lower lefthand corner.

Getting started in the game is easy but the real challenge comes in the fun the game brings itself. By hitting the play button all players are immediately brought into the game and the current level they’re on. A board equipped with wires and fun looking green creatures are shown in various arrangements. The objective of the game is for players to tap wires to rotate them all in a form that connects them in a clear path for energy to flow. Though this may sound easy at first as the clock ticks and the number of rotations used add up it can become quite challenging. Think hard and think fast in this addicting game.

While most puzzle games can lack creativity Plug The Wire veers far away from this stereotype. Featuring fun, well designed graphics it creates an enjoyable interactive experience for everyone. Have fun trying to get a new high score. The quicker you assemble it, the quicker your score. In Plug The Wire the fun doesn’t stop either. With 175 levels in 5 fun playable packs players can have fun tapping and rotating for hours.

Select different things from the options menu, see even more great games and have a fun new puzzle game to show off to your friends. Both family friendly and good for all ages, Plug The Wire is a game you should definitely go and check out. Plug the Wire is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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