This Android action game is made for all Dragon Ball Z fans!

This Android action game is made for all Dragon Ball Z fans!

This Android action game is made for all Dragon Ball Z fans!

One of the most popular cartoon sensations ever, Dragon Ball Z swept the world with awesome episodes, toys and so much more. With fans all over the world looking for more ways to enjoy the awesome show, the app “Dragon Runner Z” enters the app store just in time. Play the game made specifically for Dragon Ball Z fans and defeat your enemies level after level in this action-packed game.

After launch all users are brought to a main menu where they can access all features the app has to offer. With awesome cartoon graphics and sounds it’s easy for fans or even newcomers to feel comfortable in the app. It’s from this menu that players can see other recommended apps, start the game and even follow the game on social networks like Twitter. When ready players can tap to play and select their desired character to begin.

Dragon Ball Z is an intense show full of crazy destruction, fast-paced powers and just everything awesome about a good action show. Start a level of “Dragon Runner Z” and you’ll get the same crazy experience but it’s extremely enjoyable thanks to it’s simple controls. The objective of the game is to see just how far you can get running while destroying incoming enemies and avoiding all obstacles. Players can do this easily thanks to on-screen buttons conveniently placed in the corners of the screen. But be careful and be sure to keep an eye on your health by watching the green meter in the upper left hand corner, have that meter go down and it’s game over. Do you think you can handle each wave of enemies?

Making “Dragon Runner Z” such a great application is not only how well it pays homage to the TV series but also the fact that it’s really just a fun game. Players can jump or double jump, attack using energy balls and even tap to deflect their enemies. The more you play the better the game becomes. Upgrade your abilities while in the game with special items and grow, get super speed and even more awesome super powers.

“Dragon Runner Z” is good explosive fun that is definitely worth a download. Available in the Google Play Store for absolutely free, “Dragon Runner Z” is compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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