Tiny Owls Free App Review

Tiny Owls Free App Review

Tiny Owls Free App Review

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Tiny Owls Free App Gameplay:

It’s time for a rescue mission and it involves tiny feathered friends. If you own a Smartphone and you’re getting tired of all the same gaming apps, then Games2be may have the perfect app for you. Introducing, Tiny Owls the gaming app that requires only the tap and tilt of the phone.

In an exuberant world, your job is to spot the tiny owls and safely guide them through narrow passages to reach the end of each level. It may sound easy but once the owl hits a wall, the wings easily break causing you to lose the level.

Tiny Owls Free App Features:

The android app has the following gaming features:

* 3D whimsical graphics
* Straight forward and simple game play
* Easy to pick up, one-touch and tilt controls
* Over a dozen levels to challenge you

Tiny Owls Free App Design and Layout:

Tiny Owls doesn’t promise exquisite graphics but it does have rich 3D visuals and whimsical graphics to grab the user and keep you hooked. The owls aren’t as tiny as they should appear to be but all in all, the game is quite addictive to play with.

Tiny Owls Free App Value:

With over 60 levels of fun-filled adventures, Tiny Owl is available for download for free on the app market. It’s not as fancy as any other tilt and tap gaming app but it sure is enough to keep anyone hooked. Plus it is for free so what have you left to lose?

Everything Else:

Tiny Owls app is compatible with the Android system of 2.2 and up. Current version is at 1.0.0 with a size of 17M.

Android Description
Rescue all Tiny Owls and guide them safely to the exit!

Can you find all the lost Tiny Owls and guide them to the safe exit?
Explore this colorful fantasy world and escort your kids safely through narrow passages. But be cautious, your wings are fragile and will break if you touch the walls!

- Rich 3D graphics immerse you in a colorful fantasy world.
- 15 lovely designed levels are challenging yet fun.
- Simple, addicting gameplay.
- Easy to pick up, one-touch and tilt controls.
- High-res Textures for crisp graphics on large displays.

How to play:
Tap to fly upward and tilt your device to steer left and right.
Rescue all kids and guide them safely to the exit.
Don’t touch walls with your wings and avoid monsters.

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

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