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[MobilePRwire] – In a fast paced environment, all too often medical appointments and checkups are put on the back burner. Luckily, there are currently thousands of iPhone and Android apps designed to help keep you and your family healthy and possibly assist in diagnosing or prevent future illness. Here’s my top 10 to get your medical app library started.

Plymouth, Michigan- All too often medical appointments and checkups are put on the back burner. Fortunately, there are currently thousands of iPhone and Android apps designed to help keep you and your family healthy and possibly assist in diagnosing or prevent future illness. iPhone App Marketing guru Scott Lorenz has compiled a list of his top 10 medical apps to get your library started.

• Vision Test lets users monitor their eyesight between check ups. The free app tests for astigmatism, visual acuity, far/near sightedness, and many more visual impairments. In addition to tests, the app provides you with tips and fun facts to help keep your eyes at their sharpest in between check ups.

• Web MD Mobile lets you decode your mysterious symptoms so that you can decide whether or not it is time to see your physician. Just answer a series of questions about your symptoms to determine if medical attention is necessary. In addition to a symptom decoder, Web MD Mobile provides other health tips about vitamins and prescriptions to help you get better faster.

• AsthmaMD allows you to keep track of and graph your asthma symptoms while helping to advance knowledge on the disease. Enter your symptoms and choose to have them shared with doctors to help lower future asthma rates. The app is free, and will help you determine what is triggering your attacks so that you can take back control of your life.

• Heart Wise Blood Pressure Tracker is an easy-to-use application to manage your blood pressure, weight and heart rate. Track your fluctuations in order to keep within safe limits. Export your information, create reminders and track your progress to keep you and your heart healthy.

• Livestrong My Quit Coach creates personalized plans to help users to quit smoking. Enter your current habits and set goals for yourself so you can finally kick the habit. The app also comes with a built-in social support network to give you strength when you feel a craving.

• Pocket Pharmacist lets you monitor and regulate your medication use, doctors and allergies. Look up your medication and see side effects or send your doctor a drug profile. Organize your family’s prescriptions and stay connected with your doctors at the touch of a button.

• Pocket First Aid & CPR keeps you up to date on emergency CPR and cardiovascular care. Complete with videos and illustrations, the app teaches you how to react in a medical emergency so that you are prepared in a variety of situations.

• Diabetes Buddy helps you regulate your blood sugar by monitoring fluctuations, tracking the factors that influence blood sugar level and keeping you connected with your doctor. Monitor your intake and let the app provide you with suggestions to manage your weight, blood pressure and other factors.

• iTriage helps you to find medical care during an emergency when you are away from home. This app helps you connect your symptoms to a directory of hospitals, doctors and urgent care locations. It’s free and even provides you with hospital wait times. 

• Cancer Signs and Symptoms was created by cancer researchers to help the public become more familiar with the symptoms of cancer. When caught early, treatment is much easier and has a higher success rate. Download this free app today and arm yourself with knowledge against one of the most fatal diseases of our time.

Lorenz notes that as you start to create your medical library, you will find apps seem to serve the same function so care must be exercised not to get overwhelmed with the same type app. Says Lorenz, “If you’re an app developer, this is a problem because you are essentially ‘making a better hamburger’ you are not inventing a new category of food products.” Since Lorenz promotes multiple apps he sees a lot of duplicity in function from one app to another. “How can you set your medical app or any other app apart from the masses? It’s all about how you market it,” says Lorenz. “Marketing can set your app apart from all of the other apps that are similar to yours and get the maximum number of downloads possible. Every app has its own niche and they all need to be promoted individually targeting the specific niche audience.”

About Scott Lorenz and Westwind iPhone App Publicity: Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications a medical marketing firm that promotes and markets medical practices, medical apps, medical inventions and new procedures. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous iPhone App developers, authors, doctors, lawyers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Learn more about Westwind iPhone App Publicity at and medical marketing at or contact Lorenz at or by phone at 734-667-2090.

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