Transform your mobile device into the ultimate music room with the app Walk Band

Transform your mobile device into the ultimate music room with the app Walk Band

Transform your mobile device into the ultimate music room with the app Walk Band

Learning to play an instrument can be a highly valued experience but also an expensive one. With so many instruments to play and so little time and money, music enthusiasts can be caught in a tough situation. The app “Walk Band” is the perfect resolution to this common problem. Access tons of high quality instruments, create songs and take it with you everywhere you go with this feature packed application.

After launch users are brought to a main menu where they can access everything the app has to offer in one organized location. By scrolling across the images in the center of the screen users can select from instruments like the keyboard to even a drum machine. In the upper right hand corner of the screen is where users can access other important menu settings if they’d like.

Making “Walk Band” one of the best music applications is the variety of useful options it gives all users. Featuring a keyboard, guitar, drum kit (pad), drum machine and even a bass guitar there are plenty of options for players to pick from. Each instrument features advanced settings for skilled players of the instrument while still being accessible for novice players as well. After launching an instrument players can quickly begin playing around and creating their own tunes. Freestyle, play music accurately off of songs you know and more, it’s like a real instrument in your pocket! One of the better features too is that when you’d like to record your own creations you can do so by tapping the recording button on the top of the screen. Play what you want, record what you want and enjoy a mobile music experience like no other just by downloading this amazing application.

“Walk Band” is jam-packed with all you need to have an enjoyable music experience while on the go. Developers paid strong attention to all the details necessary; every instrument features multiple chord modes, drum kits, sounds and more. Plug in MIDI keyboards for advanced playing, enjoy realistic sounding instruments all customized and formatted uniquely to your Android device. Don’t hold back on your music anymore; whatever you want to create you can do so, become the musician you’ve always wanted to be.

Download “Walk Band” and get playing today! Available in the Google Play Store for free, “Walk Band” is compatible with various Android devices.

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