Travel the Galaxy with Cosmic Experience Android App

Travel the Galaxy with Cosmic Experience Android App

Travel the Galaxy with Cosmic Experience Android App

Cosmic Experience is a new way for you to discover the universe on your Android device. The app brings some of the universe’s most fascinating galaxies and phenomena straight to your finger tips to explore.

You can go on a journey across the universe by selecting from a collection of 12 3D effects. These include a Morphing galaxy, Cosmic Journey, Galaxy Journey, Gamma Ray Burst, Star Clusters Journey, Galaxy shape shifter, Intergalactic journey, Spiral galaxy, Morph Galaxy, Interstellar flight, Runner in the UFO and a Cosmic Voyage.

Selecting any of the effects will take you to an effects screen where you can interact with the galaxy and discover it in its entirety. If you tap the top of your screen you’ll increase the speed at which you travel through each galaxy alternatively you can tap the bottom of your screen to slow down your speed and watch as you gently fly through the stars.

You can also add a halo effect to the 3D effects which create an extra layer of brightness and adds overall depth to the universe. This feature can be toggled on and off from the settings menu as it may not work on certain devices depending on what version of android your running and your hardware. Finally, there’s an option to set any of the effects as your background by downloading them as free live wallpaper from the app.

Cosmic Experience is free to download from the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android devices running OS 1.6 and higher. Try this app out today on your phone or tablet.

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