Trymph Multiplayer Gaming Platform Announced at GDC 2012

[MobilePRwire] – Trymph Offers a Cloud-based Multiplayer Gaming Platform for Game Developers that Allows Users to Play Games Interactively Across iOS, Android, Facebook, Desktop, and Other Platforms.

Game Developer’s Conference 2012 — Trymph, Inc., a Cupertino, California based company, has announced a cloud-based multiplayer gaming platform that allows game developers to include interactive multiplayer and social capabilities in their games across a variety of mobile or desktop based game versions. With Trymph’s technology, game developers can enhance their games to allow users to play with opponents within or across iOS, Android, Facebook, Desktop, and other platforms. Users will be able to have real-time interactive gameplay with their friends they invite through their Facebook accounts or with randomly matched opponents. Trymph is offering its integration and hosting services free of cost to developers in exchange for targeted ad support and has launched this service with additional offers for select premium developers who sign up.

“Games or sports in real life are most fun when played with others. Multiplayer gaming has also been hugely successful in console gaming. However, since the custom console systems can’t support diverse mobile devices and platforms, multiplayer game offerings on mobile have remained severely limited. Enabling multiplayer gaming for mobile devices is also challenging because of limited data bandwidth, high network latencies, and intermittent connections.” said Inderjeet Singh, CEO and founder of Trymph. “Imagine a game where multiple players are participating through different devices or platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Facebook or a desktop computer, and each player is interacting with others in real time. Trymph is building a state of the art cloud-based multiplayer platform that makes such games possible.”

To implement Trymph’s multiplayer platform, game developers will need to integrate Trymph’s native SDKs in their games for iOS, Android, Facebook, Desktop and other platforms. Trymph will host the multiplayer capabilities on its cloud and developers will not need to maintain any server-side infrastructure. Trymph will fully manage the cloud servers and real-time interactions among multiple users.

Trymph’s Cloud-based Multiplayer Platform Will Provide Unrivaled Technical Edge
Interactive or real-time multiplayer gaming requires fast and efficient mobile-to-server interactions. Trymph’s cloud-based multiplayer platform will provide low latencies, a highly reliable service, a variety of social features, and extreme scalability to support simultaneous play by millions of users. Trymph’s proven multiplayer platform is currently being used by a variety of popular games such as PowerVocab, Spell Me Right, Pool HD, with multiplayer plays over millions of downloads.

Trymph offers Premier Access to Selected Game Developers
Trymph is offering free integration of its technology for qualifying game developers. Hosting services are fee based but can be availed for free by developers in exchange for advertisement. Select developers will also get premier access to our developer program which includes bonus credit that can be used for free advertising to cross-promote their game within the Trymph network. Contact Trymph at for details.

Trymph’s cloud-based multiplayer platform is now available for integration. Learn more about Trymph’s multiplayer gaming platform at Trymph website.

About Trymph
Trymph provides a cloud-service for social multiplayer gaming for Android, iOS, Facebook, Desktop, and other platforms. It allows game developers to build multiplayer games in which users on one game platform can interactively play with other users on other game platforms. For additional information about Trymph, visit

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Trymph, a Delaware corporation, provides a highly available cloud-platform with targeted APIs for multiplayer gaming across Android, iOS, and Facebook.

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