Turn a high speed race into a fast paced adventure in the app Speed Blazers

Turn a high speed race into a fast paced adventure in the app Speed Blazers

Turn a high speed race into a fast paced adventure in the app Speed Blazers

Life moves fast. With everything that we have to get done and with only so many hours to do so it can bring high amounts of stress and frustration. When life starts to seem like too much to handle there’s nothing like a good game to dive into. The new app “Speed Blazers” is an addicting new arcade game that ironically turns fast-paced action into a type of gameplay with high replay value. Become the king of the speed blazers in this revolutionary 3D racer.

After launch users are brought to a well designed main menu where they can easily access all features of the app in one spot. Train to hone your skills, check out game options, play and even more with the buttons alongside the left side of the screen. Immediately after launch players can appreciate the anime like artwork and riveting sounds that quickly make getting into the game quite easy. When ready to get started all players must do is hit play to let the fun begin.

Take a step into the future and strap on a pair of sonic particle blades to move like you never have before. After selecting play players can choose the character they’d like to play with. Each character features their own stats and with a unique variety of to select from there’s plenty of options. “Speed Blazers” features level packs with individual stages featuring their own achievements for players to strive for. As the level unfolds the controls remain remotely easy to pick up and get started with. By dragging the on-screen joystick on the lower left hand part of the screen players can direct their characters through the stages while buttons on the opposite side activate jumping. Now each track features plenty of obstacles so the challenge comes into play as players must work their ways around to the finish. Do you think you can come out victorious?

Making “Speed Blazers” such a great app is it’s fresh gameplay and simple controls. Players can turn up the intensity and their scores by flicking their fingers across the screen when airborne. Perform extreme tricks, slow your opponents down with your character’s special abilities and even do so much more. “Speed Blazers” features plenty of crazy combos to initiate super mode and make the game that much more entertaining. It’s high energy, it’s fast paced, and it’s super fun, you’ve got to try it out for yourself.

“Speed Blazers” is available in the Google Play Store for $1.10 and is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.

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