Turn boring Photos into Hilarious Ones with the Android App My Fake Look

My Fake Look Android App Demo

My Fake Look Android App Demo

My Fake Look is a photo editing app that allows users to add funny items to the pictures they take. With simple steps and controls creating the photo you want is made easy. Create and share as you create funny conversation starters and more from your photos.

After launch users are greeted by the main menu. Featuring a row of buttons across the top of the menu, in the middle of the screen lies a short step by step “how-to” for the app. By the tap of a button users can quickly begin creating or share in a matter of seconds. The design of the app is fun and colorful and makes feeling welcome in the app that much easier.

Using My Fake Look is part of what makes it so awesome, it’s easy. You may have some boring photos that you know have potential to be great. With My Fake Look you can take that same original photo and help it become all that you want it to be. By either taking a photo in the app or selecting from a previous one users are able to get started. Your picture is then displayed where users are able to scale and edit to their hearts desire. Use two fingers to scale your photo smaller or larger or even drag sliders to edit it’s color and more. Once you’ve gotten your photo prepared even more cool features are available like cartoons, effects, text and borders. Add hats to your pictures, mustaches and even more crazy items. Whatever you choose you’re sure to have a picture you’ll enjoy in the end.

What separates My Fake Look from other apps is that there are so many different possibilities available with it. Take your photos and add cool falling leave effects, or dress the people up in your photos to match certain themes. Don’t just keep your funny photos to yourself either. With the ability to easily tap to save your photos and share them on social networks and more, it’s pretty clear to see My Fake Look is pretty awesome.

This application is perfect for those looking for something fresh for their photos. Creating fun pictures that you’ll always enjoy is just a download button away. My Fake Look is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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