Turn your phone into the perfect business assistant with the intelligent app Mypa

Turn your phone into the perfect business assistant with the intelligent app Mypa

Turn your phone into the perfect business assistant with the intelligent app Mypa

Work is serious business; it’s what makes you the money you need to live on. There’s nothing more irritating than trying to work on something and everything is disorganized making businesses hard to contact and ultimately making the task near impossible. The app “Mypa” is the perfect app for those looking to get work done and keep their work-life in order. Download the app and watch it go to work as all of your contacts via your email, phone calls and more are integrated into the app and merged with their company data. Eliminate the confusion and make the work process easier than ever before thanks to “Mypa”.

After launch all users are greeted by a menu where they’re able to log-in to the app and get started quickly after download. Thanks to Google support users can make integrating their existing contacts into the app while also making their starting process with the app comfortable. Once you’ve logged into the app the app’s open layout is displayed. In order to access all of the features the app has to offer users can check out more by tapping the menu tab on the upper-lefthand side of the screen.

Getting started in “Mypa” is a breeze because the app is so smart it does all of the work for you. From here users are shown the apps contacts menu. From the contacts menu users can see all of the personal info that’s most important to them including emails, notes, and activity for each of the contacts the app has noticed them communicating with from an array of different platforms. So many times while in work or after it’s common to wonder when was the last time you spoke to a specific person but instead of having to search through multiple apps “Mypa” is the “one-stop shop”. It’s not just contacts either, users can upgrade their process of taking care of meetings, phone calls and even emails while in the app too. Download “Mypa” and make your work process more intelligent.

While most apps in the app store claim to help improve your work process, “Mypa” actually does and easily. Arrange your meetings and keep your engagements in pristine order. The app evens notices your phone calls and makes taking notes, sending emails and more a breeze after you hang up. There’s plenty of possibilities only a tap away each making your “nine to five” a smoother experience. “Mypa” caters to many different work processes that you won’t miss having to take care of after downloading it onto your favorite device.

“Mypa” is available for free in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 4.1 and up.


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