Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Remotes with the App Smart IR Remote

Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Remotes with the App Smart IR Remote

Turn Your Phone into Your Personal Remotes with the App Smart IR Remote

Are you tired of looking all over your house for the remote for your TV, your cable box and so many others? Look no further than your phone thanks to the application “Smart IR Remote”. Smart IR Remote is an application that turns your phone into an infrared remote for all of your favorite devices. Get rid of the clutter and enjoy the ease of one remote all the time.

After launch users are able to quickly get started configuring the application to their own individual liking. The app features a nice design based off of classic remote control looks. With a sleek black design and nice virtual buttons this helps to give that much more of a natural feel when using it. The open layout of the remote is displayed where users can simply tap to add from a library of over 300,000 compatible different devices and gadgets with ease. From dvd players, televisions and more with Smart IR Remote there are plenty of available options to choose from and enjoy.

To get started using Smart IR Remote it’s all made quite simple. By hitting the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen you’re good to go. Tap the device you’d like to use whether sound-bar, video game system or anything else. A list of supported device manufacturers are then shown where users must then tap the maker of the particular device they’d like to add to the application. After choosing the particular device model all users should then turn off the device you’d like to use. Smart IR Remote then runs a test as it tries to turn back on your device itself. Your device should then begin turning on but if it doesn’t no worries thanks to multiple supported codes inputted in the app you can toggle through them until you find the right one that turns on your device. When your device turns on you’ve done it. Your phone is now a remote for that device just like that.

The developers at Color Tiger not only added the cool ability to add remotes to your phones but really advanced on the technology. Users are able to add as many devices as they’d like giving the ability to have remotes for absolutely all of your devices. Toggling through remotes is easy thanks to the left and right device arrows on the top of the screen. Smart IR Remote is here to enhance your experience with all of your devices. Smart features can allow the application to change dynamic volumes of your media when it hears the television is too loud and can even turn the volume of the television down when your phone receives calls. With Smart IR Remote the perfect remote for every remote is in the palm of your hands.

Configure your remotes with the buttons you want, use gestures to change the channel and volume and do so much more all with this great application. A new remote control experience like no other awaits in the Google Play Store. Smart IR Remote is available for $6.99 in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.


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