UbiNuri Puts Fun Back Into Messaging & Calling With BuddyCon For Android

[MobilePRwire] – From the brilliant minds at UbiNuri Inc. – the renowned mobile software gateway to and from Korea – comes the announced upcoming launch of an Android app that will forever change the way users communicate with friends, and change the way users view incoming and outgoing calls, texts and messages.

BuddyCon for Android allows users to create on-screen avatars and animated versions of their friends and contacts, thereby adding a whole new world of fun and levity to what used to be the boring process of receiving and sending mobile messages and phone calls.

BuddyCon, compatible with Android 2.2 and above, empowers users to completely customize incoming call/text backgrounds and themes, and to create animated versions and avatars of friends and contacts. Users can decorate their avatars with a choice of clothes, styles and background images, and can even put their avatars in the center of built-in games that add to the sheer fun of BuddyCon for Android. BuddyCon, aside from just being downright fun, makes it easy (even easier than speed dial) to quickly get in touch with your best friends and contacts, as it provides the option of simply double-clicking the avatar of the person you wish to call or text.

“The process of receiving and sending messages, and placing and taking phone calls, is very much unchanged over the past 20 years – even though so many other processes have evolved so much due to new technologies,” said UbiNuri product manager, Lena Kwon. “Considering the technology that exists, though, there is no reason for dialing someone’s number, or sending someone a text, to be a boring and brainless, and restrictive, process. Our goal with BuddyCon was to completely change the process of modern, mobile messaging. BuddyCon injects a ton of fun into a tired, old process. Now, users can more easily and conveniently customize their experience when it comes to contacting others via a mobile device. You have to try it to see just how addictive it is, and, yes, even life-changing. With BuddyCon, messaging and calling can be straight up fun.”

Users can involve their created avatars in a wide variety of fun games and activities. And can even share their created avatars with other users and friends on Facebook. There is limit to the creative scope users can implement in easily creating avatars of their best friends and contacts, and the upshot is that placing a call, or receiving a text, never, ever again has to involve a dull moment.

Fun and games aside, BuddyCon is also a highly useful tool for seniors, or others with limitations, who can greatly benefit by not having to type in actual numerical digits to place a call. Once an avatar has been easily created, BuddyCon allows users to place calls simply by double-clicking on the avatar image, thereby eliminating the need to enter an actual phone number.

About BuddyCon

Pricing and Availability
BuddyCon is available for free from the Android Market.

Compatible with:
Android 2.2 and above

UbiNuri Inc. is a renowned Korean mobile app distribution hub that has worked with hundreds of developers the world over. UbiNuri’s mobile ecosystem, in distributing important and useful apps such as Cairn Story, BuddyCon, IV Therapy Helper and RingSkin, has been critical in making mobile apps more readily available to the Korean and world markets.

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