Uncover the marveling elements of the world in the unique game Pickaxe

Uncover the marveling elements of the world in the unique game Pickaxe

Uncover the marveling elements of the world in the unique game Pickaxe

While we may walk on day by day noticing basic bricks, sand and more it’s sure to be that we’ve never thought much about any of them. The new game “Pickaxe” changes all of that as you now find value behind each element picking away at them to find treasured diamonds and coins. Become the ultimate miner as you play and build your skills to collect the most treasure with the strongest of tools and status.

All players enter a unique gaming experience as soon as they launch the application. With classic 8-bit graphics and even sounds the app quickly provides a sense of nostalgia for all retro gamers and a familiar feel for any newcomers. From here users are automatically thrown into their ongoing game where they can begin picking away and go back to where they left off at any time. Heading back to the mines and playing is as easy as simply tapping the app icon and getting back to “work”.

Work feels like play in this simple yet intriguing new form of gameplay. While “Pickaxe” may not exactly have a challenge that screams in your face it rather boasts the entertaining motive of discovery and enlightenment. When playing all players will find all types of elements to pick at ranging from sand rock to even the atomic ground. By simply tapping the pictures of these elements you can use your pick to break away at each piece collecting coins along the way. Alongside the left side of the screen you can keep track of everything you need to become the most successful virtual miner. Keep up with the status of your pick, its power and even just how many taps you have put into the game. Each tap leads to new findings and each finding motivates players to reveal even more.

Separating “Pickaxe” from other apps in the app store is the uniqueness of its gameplay. Even the most dedicated gamers are sure to have not come across an app quite like what this game has to offer. With the ability to use your coins and diamonds to build resources and even stronger tools, all players have something more to keep playing for making “Pickaxe” a game you can pick up but a game even harder to put down.

Pick up a new gaming experience for your device and become the ultimate miner in no time. “Pickaxe” is available in the Google Play Store for free for all Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.


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