Vienom Releases New Interactive Kids Book for Android

[MobilePRwire] – A new kind of children entertainment is hitting the Android Market. The young start-up company vienom from Austria has introduced its new line of products by releasing their first interactive kids book “Freddie’s Dream of Flying”.

“Freddie’s Dream of Flying” is fully illustrated and animated. It tells the story of the frog Freddie who has only one dream: to fly. The interactive kids book can be read in different languages or be listened to in German or English. So it not only serves as a reading book but as an audio book as well.

“We are very excited about this important step and are looking forward to the feedback we’ll get from the market”, says co-founder Sebastian Resl.

The company which was founded about a year ago and gained some attention with their trivia app-game Quisr is now heading to the book market with the fresh approach of interactive books for touchscreen devices.

Vienom therefore follows an important advice for entrepreneurs: to do things different and to go for niches. “We think we can change the way parents use their touchscreen devices to interact with their children”, Mr. Resl is convinced, “and bring them even closer together”.

Vienom is a start-up company located in Vienna, Austria. It was founded a year ago and provides gaming applications for touchscreen devices like Smartphones and Tablets. They are always looking for new ways to use these devices for gaming, as the founders have a board game-development background.

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