Voice Assist is a Handsfree Safe Driving Solution for Android

No matter how the law regulates the use of phones while driving, several motorists remain hard-headed and continually disregard the laws. As a result, more than three thousand people were killed during 2010 on different state highways in America.

Reflecting on the situation, it seems that there really are calls that can’t wait to be answered even if someone is concentrating on driving. Considering how many lives were lost because someone chose to text/call at the same time, you would think there would be an application which allows for some multi-tasking on this matter.

Thankfully, technology is on our side. Through the help of a Smartphone (i.e. supported with Android) and a good tool app like Voice Assist, your communications can easily be processed even while driving.

Voice Assist Handsfree Android App Features

Voice Assist is a very smart productivity and communications app which can be used to handle all of your communications. If what we had in the past is just a simple headphone with built-in microphone used for talking while driving sufficed, then this can do a lot better. Voice Assist recognizes your voice and does what you command it to do – answer call, read e-mail, all the way to posting to a social networking site.

Other features that Voice Assist has are as follows:

-        E-mails and text messages can be deleted and forwarded through your commands.

-        Voice recognition depends on your customization. Please do not forget that it has to follow step-by-step instruction. New messages can be drafted and sent to a specific contact with this feature.

-        A new two-way texting feature is available wherein you can simply say what you wished to text and have the app do it for you.

Voice Assist Handsfree Android App Layout & Design

Voice Assist is a powerful handsfree voice recognition app, so the user wont be handling the app much if everything is properly set up. That being said, there is a plethora of options and settings to customize. This can get confusing at times, but fortunately, excellent tutorials exist to get you on your way.

Voice Assist Handsfree Android App Value

Voice Assist is not only a time saver, but possibly a ticket or life saver. Once set up, it works without a hitch. Best of all, The Voice Assist handsfree app is free. It can be downloaded via Google Play and be used on any device supporting Android 2.1 and up. Get this now!

Google Play Description

Voice Assist is a handsfree safe driving solution that lets you make calls, manage your email, send and receive text messages and post to social networks all by voice. No typing required.

Distracted driving is a serious problem on the roads. Over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving-related crashes on American highways in 2010 alone, which is why 40 States and all Provinces have laws against mobile related distracted driving.

Safe driving starts with you. So keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone with Voice Assist.

Features include:

- Dictating a text message and sending it to anyone in your address book
- Having your incoming text messages read to you
- Listening to your email and being able to delete, forward and reply
- Dictating email replies and new messages.
- Making calls by saying the name of the person in your address book
- Dictating posts to your social network accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

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