Wave Launcher – Android App Review

Wave Launcher - Android App Review

Wave Launcher - Android App Review

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Ever feel like its too much of a hassle to return to the homescreen every time you want to check your emails? Or facebook? Wave Launcher allows you to quickly choose from 5 apps, no matter what you are currently doing on your device.

Select the app you want to launch by dragging your finger up from the bottom of the screen until you see the wave launcher. Then moving your finger left or right to highlight the app you want without lifting your finger. To launch the app simply lift your finger from the screen while your chosen app is highlighted. It’s that easy!!

The thing we find most useful about this app is that you can quickly check your emails while playing a game, or while reading an ebook or news article you can effortlessly perform a Google search if needed. You can perform so many task quickly and easily with Wave Launcher and we highly recommend this app!

Rating: ★★★★★

Android App Description
A quick gesture-enabled quick launch bar always accessible with a simple gesture

Special introductory price for a limited time: only 0.99$

NEW: Fully customizable gesture-area!

Wave Launcher is a unique, gesture-enabled, quick action-bar for Android. It resembles a well-known and loved feature on WebOS phones like the Palm-Pre.

Regardsless of any application currently running, you can swipe you finger from the virtual gesture-area at the bottom of the screen towards the middle to show the wave – A fully configurable quick-launch area.

Usage is extremely simple:
1. Touch the very bottom of the screen and slowly swipe your finger up towards the middle of the screen.
2. When you get towards the middle, the wave appears!
3. Without raising your finger, swipe left or right to select the desired application
4. To launch the app, simply raise your finger from the screen.
5. If you changed your mind and don’t want to launch anything, simply swipe the wave back to the bottom

Notable features:

  • The wave can contain any application or shortcut you can add to your home screen.
  • The wave is accessible anytime, regardless of which application is currently running using a simple gesture!
  • The wave responds to your finger movement, it changes its shape, icon size, and icon transparency.
  • Can be enabled by swiping from the bottom, left side or right side of the screen (See the ‘calibrate’ screen)
  • Fully independent, doesn’t need to replace your home-screen app.
  • Doesn’t interfere with running applications.
  • Small memory footprint.
  • Fully customizable gesture-area with a single long-press and swipe!
  • Doesn’t affect battery-life!

This is an early release with more features coming soon.
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Requires Android:
2.1 and up
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