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[MobilePRwire] – Web PC Suite is world’s No.1 App for managing Android mobile and transferring files between Android and PC wirelessly! It’s user friendly, small, fast, clean and super useful!

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Developed and published by Geeksoft , Web PC suite is a cable-free solution for transfer of files remotely. This app lets you to connect your android device with your tab or system or any other web browser wirelessly. Moreover, this app is free and no ads. It’s easy to connect, free and no need to sign up. Web PC suite allows you to easily manage your files remotely and safely, all over the air.

The process of setting up Web PC Suite is amazingly simply. To start you install the app from the google play store, then you have two options to form a connection with your PC. You can enter a customised URL or head over to and scan a QR code. From there a connection is formed and you will be presented with a simple to use interface whereby you will have full access to all the files on your phone, allowing you to move, copy, paste and rename files – the control is as powerful as if you were connected by USB.

To make things even simpler, the web interface allows you to play media, read text documents, view pictures and play music directly from your device without having to copy files to your PC as an intermediate step. If you have photos on your phone but want to show them to someone on the bigger PC screen, this is a great and quick way of making that happen!

There is also a trio of widgets including a file manager to drag & drop to upload files from your computer to your device, copy text into the device’s clipboard for pasting, and a feature to enter a web address that will open on the device. Additional features allow you to use a basic text editor as well.

Why choose Web PC Suite File for file transfer?

1. The smallest (2.2 M) among all similar apps
2. Free and no ads
3. Support all browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Browser, Safari, etc.
4. No software required on computer side
5. Connect without account
6. Published by GeekSoft, developer of File Expert, a popular file manager which has generated more than 50,000,000 users around the world

Note: Please make sure your Android and PC share the same Wi-Fi network, or you will fail to connect.

GeekSoft is a leading mobile app publisher, established by Alex Xin and Kevin Gao, two computer specialists from the Internet Industry in Xi’an City, China in 2011. GeekSoft is a fast-growing company which focuses on providing the file management and sharing solutions of Android smart phone platform. At present, GeekSoft has launched two main products: one is the famous free file manager File Expert, the other one is wireless file transfer app Web PC Suite.

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